Cedar Creek Services President Chuck Haack is the recipient of Truco's highest award. The award is given to the contractor who maintains the highest quality standards in product application and job completion, and excels in manufacturer's warranty approval and highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Using our roof restoration system, we can clean, coat and seal your roof using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Our services include:

  • Color Restoration - multiple colors available
  • General Metal Roof Repairs - metal replacement - flashing details
  • Historical Preservation - restore existing metal roofs
  • Infrared Scan Energy Efficiency Analysis - detect and diagnose roof leaks, wet insulation, heat loss and heat gain   CLICK HERE FOR MORE -->
  • Insulation Repair, Replacement and Upgrade -   CLICK HERE FOR MORE -->
  • Retro-fit Gutters & Valleys - with specialized system to regain proper water run-off
  • Rubber Coating Restoration over:
    • Metal Roofs
    • Smooth Asphalt Surfaces
    • Rolled Rubber Roofs
    • Hypalon Roofs
    • Copper Roofs
    • Flat Soldered Metal Roofs
    • TPO Roofs
    • Transite
    • Expansion Joints and Seams

  • Rust Corrosion Inhibitor - with protective, reflective coating
  • Snow and Ice Removal - to prevent building damage, minimize falling ice and snow and enhance safety
  • Water-proof Concrete Roofs - courtyards and patios, with office spaces beneath the courtyards, using Tru-Ply System
  • Many Other Customized Specialty Applications - to meet your specific needs

For a FREE site-specific review of your roofing or insulation needs, please contact Chuck Haack at 800.401.0100.