Why Restore Your Roof?

  • Cost - The cost of restoration is far less than roof replacement.
  • Protection - Roof restoration protects your business from unexpected production delays, loss of inventory and minimizes employee accidents due to roof leaks.
  • Tear-off and Disposal - Since little or no roof substrate is removed during restoration, interruption of your business is minimized...and you won't incur cost of removal or disposal.
  • Improve Performance - Restoration roof products provide:
    • water-proofing
    • chemical resistance
    • rust inhibitors
    • a rubber membrane that expands and contracts with the metal throughout the freeze-thaw cycles
    • a roof that looks new and well maintained
    • important ratings including Energy Star and Factory Mutual
  • Extended Life - Roof restoration can dramatically extend the service life of your roof and delay expensive roof replacement for years.

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